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Abode Custom Builders: Site-Built & Modular Homes

a·bode (n) (1) Place Where One Dwells (2) A Home.

Built for Living, Built for Life.

At Abode Custom Builders, we work with you to build the new home of your dreams. We don't just build houses, we work hard to provide you with a variety of options that will allow us to create your home at a price you can afford. What makes Abode Custom Builders an exceptional company to work with is our genuine approach toward building new homes. Our team of contracting professionals have over 65 years of combined experience in the industry. Through years of first hand experience as on-site (stick-built) custom builders, we came to realize the benefits of off-frame modular construction options. So whichever construction method you prefer, the quality remains.

Quality Modular Homes

We use modular building systems designed and built in a climate-controlled environment, which means that harmful weather never reaches or damages the inside of your home. Our modular homes pass 300 inspections to ensure the highest level of quality. With a design to build beautiful, custom, environmentally-friendly homes, we have incorporated this philosophy of quality into off-frame modular construction.

Our Process

Since our beginning, our goal has been to provide truly affordable custom built homes in the Asheville and Hendersonville markets that are environmentally friendly for the new millennium. Our process is simple -- we listen to you! From the moment you meet us and walk through our beautiful model center's homes, we work with you to understand your needs so that we can create your new custom home to meet your every need.

Everything we do is focused on you and how we can help you through every step of the process whether you want to build a custom home on land you already own or if you're just beginning your search for the perfect home site. Come on in, we invite you to come in and see us -- browse our current models. They are practical, space-effective and inviting; all factors that play an important role in today's modern homes. With plans that feature the latest in kitchen design, walk-in pantries, separate laundry rooms, spacious closets, and a variety of green building opportunities. We know we can provide everything you want in your new home and at an affordable price.


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Recent Additions To Our Custom Builders Blog

5 Mistakes To Avoid When Building A Modular Home

Never Purchase Based on Cost per Square Foot

The common question of asking how much a home cost per square foot is not an informative value and is often misunderstood. An example is like asking how much floor covering cost is per square foot. You may receive a price quote for inexpensive linoleum tiles, however your expectations are for ceramic tiles. This is one example of the hundreds of variables that will affect the price of your project. Certainly, you will receive a quote for the cheapest flooring material just to get the sale. The same misconceptions are true in home construction. Floor plan costs vary greatly due to the differences that are unique to each home as a result of the quality of construction. A lower cost per square foot home is due to a lower quality construction and material used in the home and the reason why the cost per square footage cost can be a very misleading number.


Is a Modular Home a Strong Investment?

There are several advantages to building a modular home.

Custom built modular homes by Abode make for a very affordable investment in a number of ways.  Initially, the cost of a modular home is lower than a site-built home due to the factory’s ability to order large volumes of materials as well as the efficiency of their workers.  This point also reflects that modular homes are environmentally friendly--the factory is able to use/recycle leftover materials with much less waste than a site-built home.  


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